Split Masters – Game Prototype

Split Masters - Final Release

Unity Prototype

Project Description

This is the one of the first prototype for mobile game Split Masters. Game by "Doraslab" and "Qubitz". I used "Daddy Long Legs" visual for work-in-progress, before new design was ready. Final mechanic is bit different, but I like this more. I used unity 2d engine. Locomotion is fully based on physics, Muscle tension  was reached with Hinge Joint Motors.

Here is the WebGL version of "game" and you can try to climb higher.

Screen is divided into the two parts for the control of two legs separately. Press and hold on the screen, for choosing the right moment to move up!



Rigidbody 2D + Hinge Joints 2D


Hinge Joint 2D motors for muscle tension

Inspired by Daddy Long Legs