Unity Camera Assistant

Unity Camera Assistant

- Easily store and view key angles (Very comfortable for large level design)

- Store up to 10 banks

- Camera Post-Effects in editor view! (Except SSAO and SSR)

Video tutorial here:

Project Description:

This is an asset (editor extension) that I made for unity. Very simple to use. The asset contains only one editor script written in C#, so it is easy to edit if needed. Works with unity 5.0 free version.

  • DATE: 2016
  • SOFTWARE USED: Unity3d

Unity Camera Assistant


Download and import whole package for actual scripts and example assets, or import only Editor and Scripts folders If you already know how to use it.

User Interface:


Stored Data:

All data related to Camera Assistant are stored in scriptableObject (CameraAssistantStoredDataAsset.asset file), So you can restart Unity3D without losing any data. (Don’t rename this file!).



Package includes 4 C# script, one scriptableObject asset file and example assets:

  • UnityCameraAssistant.cs - Main script, here is whole logic and UI of the tool
  • ScriptableObjectUtility.cs - This is a method to easily create a new asset file instance of a ScriptableObject-derived class. The asset is uniquely named and placed in the currently selected project path; this mimics the way Unity's built-in assets are created. ScriptableObject asset files are useful for storing data that doesn't fit naturally within the MonoBehaviour/GameObject Prefab system. Since they use Unity's built-in serialization, they are guaranteed to map perfectly to an existing class; therefore, ScriptableObject assets are much easier to work with in Unity than XML, CSV, or other traditional ways of storing such data. More info Here

  • CameraAssistantStoredDataAsset.cs - With this class you will now be able to create a uniquely named YourClass asset file from the Asset menu.
  • CameraAssistantStoredData.cs - An ScriptableObject, Here is declared all variables that stored in asset file.